Meet Richard Gunn, the Mental Toughness Trainer For Basketball Players

Better Basketball Minds Launched in 2016, to build a factory of athletes who understand the connection between their mind and performance. Throughout my career, I worked relentlessly on my physical skills and conditioning. I realized that there was a distinct difference in my thoughts and emotions when I was in the zone having a great game, and when I was having just an “average” game. 

Through experience I learned that any athlete can have the edge over superior talent, if they can simply master the mental game of the sport.

I have played and observed sports for 20 years. I have found that athletes relentlessly work to develop the physical part of their game, but neglect the most important part of competition, the mental/emotional realm. This is where an athletes true power lies.

After discovering that the mind really a great impact on performance, I began studying this phenomenon.  I graduated from Trine University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and I also have a masters degree from the University of Ball State in Applied Behavior Analysis.  Additionally, I studied under some of the greatest minds in the world of sports psychology and became a certified Mental Toughness Trainer. 

This program is for you if you can’t seem to duplicate great performances, you are unsure if you be mentally there day in and day out, or if you have inconsistent confidence against the best competition.

Anyone can play confident when competition is inferior, but legends are built ONLY after they have conquered the greatest competition. If you want to be absolutely sure that the most confident part of you will show up when its most important then this program is for you!

Richard Gunn, M.A.