Want to Build your Confidence in Basketball?

Want to build your confidence in basketball?

I know exactly how it feels as an athlete to have all the confidence in the world before the game. I remember what it feels lose confidence in shooting AFTER a couple missed shots. I know what it feels like to work tirelessly leading up to a game, and be excited to take on a stronger more talented opponent. However, in the midst of competition on that particular day, I seemed to lose confidence. It could be because I missed a few shots, or didn’t feel in rhythm, but for whatever reason I didn’t feel in flow. After being a player myself for over 20 years, and coaching hundreds of athletes my constant questions was, how does a player overcome the subtle doubt in the back of their mind?

Is losing confidence in your ability to make shots in the moment something that can be “fixed”?
Well, what if I told you that the truth about Confidence is…

Its not really required.

You only need a small ounce of it to make amazing things happen. You heard that right! You only need a very small amount in order to maximize your ability, and achieve your potential greatness. Drive and desire are what you REALLY need.

Why do I teach these principles that seem outlandish to most people in the sports world to athletes when they come to me looking to build confidence? Because…

The beginning of creating confidence in any endeavor is letting go of the idea you NEED it.
You see, athlete’s (especially young athletes) often don’t perform their best consistently because when they show up to the games and don’t FEEL confident, they begin to get nervous. They then, incorrectly, judge themselves as lacking confidence, and start thinking about performing and trying to control their movements, which ends up making them perform tight because they short circuit their movements.

In other words, it’s the idea that you NEED confidence and when you don’t have it that creates tension, tightness, and nervousness. And THAT is what keeps holds you back from your greatest performances!

Athletes, and people in all endeavors for that matter, do amazing things every day with ZERO confidence.
I once asked a prominent coach who had brought his team to the NCAA championships several times in his sport this: “Coach, how do you ensure your athletes develop confidence?”

And his answer was: “The only way to truly build confidence is to have some success…and THEN you get the confidence.”

Think about that for a moment. We don’t start out at the beginning with confidence now do we?

Therefore, you have to start achieving things from scratch. You’ve got to get your first win at some point correct?

Let’s think about this practically for a moment to see if my hypothesis holds any weight…

We were all babies at one point, right? And we wanted to walk because we saw adults around us walking, right? Did we finally achieve our goals because we were confident? Not a chance! We end up walking because we possess 2 character traits, even as a baby:

Drive and Desire.
Those 2 things are all you need to achieve anything.

Babies desire to walk, just like we want to achieve/win in our sport.
They have no fear when it comes to falling down and getting back up again.

Confidence has nothing to do with it. Babies don’t even have the ability to comprehend confidence…and yet, they teach themselves to walk.

Don’t get me wrong, once you have confidence it will make all the difference.

I help athletes build confidence every day.
The way you do it is to continually revisit your past successes and what it is about you that made that success happen.

Remind yourself of your proven skills, abilities and talents at least as much as you review your errors for corrective action.

Nobody can do this for you. Everybody has the ability to do it easily and everyone has many successes and talents to draw from.

Start with the idea that you do NOT need any confidence to have an amazing performance, and you will actually be building confidence at hyper speed.

Lets do this,


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