Diet and Athleticism Part 1

Your diet can directly affect how athletic you are, how high you jump, and how fast you run. How do I know? Well from the ages of 15-20 years old I only had a standing vertical of 28 inches. I could not get past the 28 inch mark no matter what I did. Finally, with only two years left of college I was able to increase my vertical jump from 28 inches to 35.5 inches in the span of 8 months.

Vertical Jump and Speed are like an equation. You will NOT increase your speed and become more athletic on accident. You must know what you’re doing! This is important because if one piece of the equation is wrong, it is quite possible to see no results even if you have the rest of the equation right. This will trick a person into believing their methods are not working, when in actuality you just are not keeping one part of the equation in place. However, if a person maintains a proper diet, and all other parts of the equation are correct they will begin see drastic results.

I will never forget I was sitting at the cafeteria in college. There wasn’t much of a selection that day, and I was tired from the workout. On my plate, I had a bratwurst sandwich, chicken, and corn. The star of the basketball team said “that is why you’re slow right there.” He was pointing to the pork on my plate. I was thinking, I work so hard this pork is not making me slower. He said “I’m telling you, your diet is slowing you down!”

A year later when I decided to try the diet “thing,” I cut out all bread, and increased the intake of my greens. The following 3 weeks I increased my vertical two inches, and my forty yard dash time dropped 1 tenth.

I was hearing all throughout high school about how I should change my diet, but I didn’t know what to eat. I thought I had to eat “carbs,” and that bread and pasta are the things that gave me energy. Not only that but the environment in my house was very tempting. It was easy to munch on fruit snacks, granola bars, spaghetti, rolls, etc. Thats all fine in its place. However, if you are looking to increase your athleticism, increase your vertical, or speed your diet needs to be a staple!! I cannot stress enough how important switching your diet is. Even after I was running a sub 4.3 in the forty yard dash and jumping a standing vertical of 35.5, I noticed when I was eating right. There were times I wasn’t jumping as high, and running as fast when I didn’t take my diet seriously.

Lastly, I will leave you with this. Are you ready to stand apart from your competition? Are you ready to sacrifice for your goals? Everybody eats the school lunch, everybody eats their mom’s food that may not be healthy. BE DIFFERENT!

Increase your greens
Severely Cut down on carbs, cereals, pastas, granola bars
Eat Lean Meat.
Make the sacrifice
Notice the Difference.

Lets Do this,


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