How to Focus Better in Competition


Today’s pressure tips help you learn how to focus better in competition. When you do that, your mind is occupied and distracted away from the pressure.

Can you keep your focus in the moment of pressure and ignore distractions?

The first step is to pick a small target and then put your center of attention completely on it.

That means focusing all of your mental energy on the spot you want the ball/puck to go or in some cases, the ball coming at you. You can practice this at home by just staring at a clock with the intention of improving your focusing ability for your sport. You want to link this in your mind to being able to do it under pressure in competition.

The second step is in TRUSTING your body to do what you’ve trained it to do. Recognize that you do this in many other areas of your life such as: riding a bike, playing video games, doing any other repetitive task with motion. You have TRUST there, you can have it come game time just the same.

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performing under pressure

Today’s mental toughness pressure tip is to put your center of attention completely on your target. That means focusing all of your mental energy on the spot you want the ball to go to…

focus on a target to reduce pressureFor instance, a baseball pitcher will zone in on the catcher’s mitt and ignore all else. A basketball player about to shoot a free throw stares at the sweet spot in the hoop.

A golfer concentrates only on the flag and allows the green, the crowds, the sand traps to fade away. The kicker directs his focus on the point between the goal posts that he wants the ball to fly through.

Here is the important and not so easy part, first you focus and then you need to let go of the mechanics and trust all the training time and drilling you have done up to this point. You need to just let your natural athletic ability come through!

Even if you haven’t played well that day, it doesn’t matter! TRUST and let go of control.

The only thing you should control is where your FOCUS is going.

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