How To Gain The Confident Shooting Hand

Do you ever find yourself not confident in your shooting, after a couple missed shots? Well let me tell you about a guy named James. James is a 13 year old kid, and an extremely hard worker. He works on his game day and night because he believes within himself, that one day he will be great! He has had times in pick up games, and in practice where he could shoot the ball almost effortlessly. However, when it comes to aau tournaments, and organized games at his school he doesn’t shoot all that well. James might hit a couple threes during the game, but once he misses a couple times he eventually stops shooting. He as no real confidence despite putting up hundreds of shots during the week.

A key fact most people aren’t aware of is that each player has to overcome multiple external factors to really take hold of their true confidence. Factor #1- When you enter competition your body goes through many bodily changes. Your adrenaline, heart rate, and blood pressure all rise. This produces actual changes to your muscle and nerve cells. If your body doesn’t process this energy, or strength correctly your shot will be negatively effected.

External Factor #2- The crowd could serve as a distraction but not the way you think. The crowd could serve as a distraction if a player is focused on who is watching. A family could be in attendance who has extremely high expectations, and who has a perfectionist attitude. It could be a scout that is in the stands, and a player will try to do too much to impress. And let’s not forget if you’re favorite crush is watching, we all do too much then.

External Factor #3- The opponent- The presence of a bigger, stronger, more athletic opponent can make the average untrained athlete a little bit uneasy.

External Factor #4- The coach- Most coaches want their game plan implemented without any regards to your psyche or confidence. They may scream, place demands on you to stay in a certain box, or take you out of the game entirely.

The #1 mistake youth basketball players make is they never do any mental conditioning. Its understood that basketball is 80 percent mental, but how many players spend time working on their mental game? There is astounding research on the benefits of visualizing before competition. Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer ever to live spent two hours before his practices thinking about the success he wanted to have. This is one of the way you can become a more powerful, confident shooter. You have to imagine yourself knocking down different shots before the actual game. The results will be amazing.

I teach athletes more advanced techniques to gain the competitive edge. I also have a new breakthrough R.A.C.E. formula that takes a basketball player from a not very confident shooter, to a dangerous confident shooter in just a few sessions. Call or Email for a free consultation, so we can teach you skills that you can take with you for life.

Your Mental Toughness Trainer,

Richard Gunn M.A.

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