Is your head getting in the way on gameday?

1. Have you ever been in a game and noticed that your mind/body was reacting a step too slow? Do you notice at times your movements are robotic, and you don’t know why?

2.Have you ever asked yourself in the third person, what’s going on today I know I can play better than this?

3. Do you sometimes miss easy shots ,when you know you should make it?

These are all examples and clues to let you know that your head might be in the way. No matter what level you are on whether it is  middle school, high school, college, or professional.. do you have the courage to admit that your mind might be in the way? If you don’t solve the root of the problem it could potentially cost you 2 years in high school, or it could be career suicide once you get to college or start to play professional. There is absolutely no risk in having self awareness, and being willing to solve the problem? Wouldn’t it be great to guarantee that you had all the tools in order to unleash your FULL potential 100 percent of the time? As a player I hated the fact of getting finished with a game, and knowing within myself I didn’t play my best.

When does this usually happen?
In my experience working as a mental performance coach there are several times when a basketball player could be more susceptible to a mental block.

1.A recent cold spell when it comes to shooting. If you have had a recent cold streak when shooting, theres a chance your mind will anticipate the negative. When your mind unconsciously anticipates negative or missing a shot, theres a chance your mind can get STUCK in a negative thinking loop. Trying to shoot your way out of shooting slump is a sure way to not get good results.

2.When there is a big game: This has nothing to do with a player having a clutch gene or having heart. Sometimes a player’s head can get in the way simply because they are TRYING too hard, or pressing too much

3.When you are trying to move up levels: If you are on the JV team and you are TRYING to make varsity. If you are playing varsity, and you know there’s a scout watching. If you are playing the NBA summer league, and trying to make a team. In my experience in coaching this is one of the biggest times where a player’s head gets in the way.

4. Finally, when a coach or other people start putting negative labels on you:
I don’t know how many times I heard a coach tell a player they can’t shoot. I mean they will scream it at him/her. How many times do we hear from media outlets that this person can’t shoot, and all of a sudden they start shooting worse. The knee jerk reaction is trying to prove the critics wrong. However, those words and images will get stuck in a person’s mind and it can be hard to escape.

The biggest take away here is that each of the situations the basketball player is TRYING to make something happen. Never do that! Train as hard as you can on your physical game BEFORE game time. Once you get to the game, TRUST the skills that you built overtime and relax and let the game come to you.

Mental toughness training can teach you how to have play with the ultimate confidence, laser-like focus, get rid of distractions, destroy any limiting belief, and play as the ultimate version of you. It can also teach you the best method to prepare for big games.

I can promise you that if you begin to commit yourself to developing your “mental muscles” you will triple your productivity, and absolutely leave your competitors in awe.

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