4 Session R.A.C.E. Formula 2.0 Package

Overview of the Four Sessions

Session 1: Personal detailed history in order to establish and customize the process to your issues and goals. Learn the basics of the R.A.C.E formula. Begin practicing one intervention for change work, and bring home a guided visualization recording for reinforcement.
Session 2: This is the E. part of the formula. This session is about not becoming a slave to fear, and learning to master your emotions. Difficult emotions we experience are a natural part of sports, and life. Very few people know how to successfully navigate when they encounter difficult emotions, therefore they fear the emotions. This is a major life skill that often permeates to all areas of life including performance, relationships, career, etc. We finish this session with our powerful confidence building methods.
Session 3: You will learn a breakthrough process that allows you to clear your past mistakes, chokes, fears, and to use a tool in competition. This contributes to being relentless and clears the destructive beliefs at the level of the inner mind.
Session 4: Your final clearing occurs though our internal conflict resolution. When we have a goal often one part of us believes we can accomplish the task. Another part of us is resistant an holds back that effort. The goal of this session is to synchronize your desired outcome. We wrap up this session with a tactic to recall the peak performance state before or during competition… at will!