Formula to Experience More Mental Toughness During Competition

The goal of mental toughness training is to be able to generate feelings of confidence on command. This confident state should be experienced during practice and competition.

I have come down to a simple definition of what mental toughness is. Focused,confident, determined, and resilient ESPECIALLY under pressure. A big road block to being relentless is working extremely hard to improve your skills. But after you have worked hard, you fail because of  anxiety related to sports. As an athlete, I have experienced this myself. Working night and day to improve my skills, but at times not being able to demonstrate my full potential.

I have found something after 23 years of playing at a high level in sports, and studying endlessly. Its that mental training is the culmination of all the hard work an individual puts in. Having mental readiness primes an individual to play great, so that they win even before they begin. It is a shame to have an athlete play their entire careers without having these fundamental tools. This can lead them to success in life, and in sports!

Let me take your son or daughter through a proven systematic process that will empower them to take control of their circumstances.