Limitless Confidence MP3

  • Double the amount of points you score per game.
  • Learn to switch on EXTREME confidence on command... against any level of competition
  • Play with instinct, relaxation and laser-like focus at all times

Limitless Confidence Meditation MP3 is a combination of Sports Psychology x Neuroscience.


What does this mean for you?

When you utilize the meditation MP3 to train your mind, you will create new circuits in your brain that will lead to the ultimate confidence, rhythm and accuracy that you desire! This has been tried and tested with thousands of brain scans.

 Supercharge your game

How can your thoughts translate to a better performance?


Subconscious thoughts of interference (indicated by the red dot) such as fear of failure, imperfection, and fear of success, translate into energy. This energy becomes your state of mind causing physical reactions, of hesitation, slow reactions, and missing open shots.


Subconscious thoughts of CONFIDENCE (indicated by the green dot) fired in the brain will create instinctive physical reactions resulting in decisiveness, creativity, and perfection.


Mental Rehearsal and Visualization  prior to a game is essential in selecting the RIGHT thought program necessary for peak performance!

GENERATING the thought will ACTIVATE the confidence in you to BE in the FLOW state of mind, even before you begin to play. During the game, your subconscious mind will allow you to perform your best, even if the other team gains momentum or you miss a shot or two. This idea of emotional mastery is all about being able to generate the right emotion, no matter the environment or circumstance. 

This MP3 will take your game to the next level of performance.

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