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1. The science of the mind or of mental states and processes.
2. The sum or characteristics of the mental states and processes of a person or class of persons, or of the mental states and processes involved in a field of activity:

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The level of your performance has to do with the way in which you communicate with yourself.

There are tons of information on Sports Psychology. Should you be studying day and night to read these in order to become a better athlete? Absolutely not! Having spent an endless amount of time studying this myself, allow me to summarize what I believe is the proper perspective.

First, lets take a look at the word “mind.” Most people think that the word “mind” only includes the physical brain that lies in a person’s head.  This just is not all it includes. Most scientists believe that the thoughts you think, greatly influence the different parts of your body.  Which simply means that your mind has a real impact on all the cells in your body.  The way you coordinate each movement, the nerve cells in your shooting hand, and your entire body is effected.   The latest research from neuroscientists concludes that ALL the cells in the entire body is part of the mind. From my time researching the subject, I agree with that. Allow me to explain.

When an inexperienced person has to do a speech in front of a crowd, what might happen? A person may start might sweating, or stuttering uncontrollably. The temperature in the room didn’t all of sudden increase, or another person isn’t physically moving the person’s lips causing the individual to stutter. Your mind sent a message to your body, and it signaled for nervousness.  After the person’s body received this signal, chemicals were released throughout their entire body causing different bodily reactions to happen.

The larger concept is the thinking patterns in your inner mind can greatly affect your body, and fine motor skills. In basketball terms, it can affect if you shoot the ball too hard, or too soft. Additionally, if your mind has the correct pattern of thought, you will eliminate performance anxiety. Thus you will have a relaxed shooting hand, just like you do in practice.
The final concept to understand is that we have two levels of our mind. The conscious mind which is the thinking mind. Its job is to look, listen, and learn. To capture what the 5 senses are taking in. It also has the ability analyze and to accept or reject any idea that enters in.

The Unconscious Mind or Inner Mind on the other hand is amoral. It doesn’t care. It only acts on what it is programmed to do by upbringing, genetic DNA programming, and/or habitual thoughts. In regards to sports, its main function is to run and take care of the body. Re-adjust our emotions, maintain our current outlook on life, and other functions of the body you never have to worry about.

Haven’t you noticed most people in the world are AVERAGE? They’re average because people aren’t exposed to this astounding truth their entire lives, or they ignore it. So they go about their daily lives asking themselves why things in their lives aren’t changing. They keep repeating the same circumstances, attracting the same people, and getting the same results. So if you’re constantly wondering why your shot won’t fall in the game. Or you’re wondering why you don’t play how you’re fully capable, you are not alone!

I have found mental techniques and strategies all elite basketball players have in common. You can learn and apply them today! It will help you take your game, and life to the next level. In our upcoming sessions, we will introduce many sport psychology perspectives. And tailor them to you to get you, your desired outcome.

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