​​Why Championship Caliber Teams Don't Win the Championship- Episode 9

​The goal is to win it all! However, is it possible your team is going in a circle? You have worked hard all year long, and even the coaches have put in extraordinary amounts of work.  The program has watched film dissected, recruited, and you even have the talent.  There is a good reason you will end up dissapointed at the end of the season, and it doesn't start  with your physical skills.  Watch the video below to find out why!

​​Deontay Wilder Effect Part 2- Episode 8

​In this video I dive a little deeper on what happens in the brain and body during competition. Our ego tells us we are mentally prepared, but after watching this video can you tell yourself you're adequately prepared? Watch the video below!

​​Deontay Wilder Effect Part 1- Episode 7

​​There is a huge myth that says if you have heart then you will automatically perform against the best competition. Another myth is that if you are a "gamer," you will automatically show up when its game time. Alot of times coaches will give up on players, and label them as "practice warriors," if they don't show up when it matters most.  Well the biggest baddest boxer on the planet talked about his performance anxiety.  Watch the video below!

​​Jamal Murray on the importance of meditation.- Episode 6

​If you want to know why Jamal Murray dominates, it goes beyond the court.  He takes time to mentally put himself in the space of confidence.  This mental process if you learn how to do it correctly pre-primes you for a great performance.  And after that, all you have to do is go play, and you will AUTOMATICALLY perform as your best self.  Watch the video below!

​The Maxtrix of Confidence- Episode 5

​Do you want to go on the journey with me to figure out how to play at your BEST every single time? No matter the stakes and no matter how big the stage you can play above and beyond your competition.  First you must decide whether you want to take the red pill or the blue pill.  Watch the video below!

Never Miss an Opportunity!- Episode 4

The difference between winning and losing, winning the championship, and even your career is ceasing an opportunity.  The Life of an opportunity may only last 0.5 seconds. Will you be ready to come through?  Watch the video below!

The Phil Jackson Model Episode 3

You want to figure out why you don't quite play up to your potential in games? You want to know the reason youre not playing like the FULL version of yourself? Watch the video below!

The Key to Consistent Confidence Episode 2

You can easily destroy mental blocks, turn shooting slumps into shooting displays with mental skills training.

Confidence Hack For Basketball Episode 1

Watch video to figure out how to generate confidence on command! Confidence level is a huge part of success.