Visualize Your Way to Success

Is it possible to visualize your way to success and improve performance? Well here is a story that might convince you.

Champions Visualize

As told by TIME magazine a couple days prior before the (1984) finals in women’s gymnastics. Mary Lou Retton, was lying in bed mentally rehearsing. She had a great deal of faith in mental preparation, and the use of affirmations. She had performed the same mental exercise thousands of times.
 Day after day, she  pictured herself performing in the most perfect way. What happened soon after that? A performance of grace, charisma, and confidence. Sealing the sixteen year old’s legacy as an Olympic gold medalist. Basketball players especially should practice the skill of visualization before competition.

It allows you to get in reps without physically having to do them. Why? Because your inner mind can’t tell whether something is real or imagined.
 Think about the times you had dreams.  The  picture that you were imagining, sometimes seemed as real as if you were actually awake?

Olympic Experiment

I am sure many of you have seen a dog kick or even growl while asleep. We do the same activity when we visualize. In fact at the U.S. Olympic training center, many athletes participated in the experiment. The scientists monitored their brain activity. Quickly following they actually performed the same activities they visualized.
  It turns out they were demonstrating the same brain activity, whether they imagined it or they were physically playing. The same neurons fired! Isn’t that amazing?!The biggest road block to us doing this activity is believing that we’re not visual. This activity is a skill that comes through practice. Everyone can improve. Lets practice…

Practice Makes Permanent

Try closing your eyes, can you visualize your car? What color is it? Where is it located? How many windows are in your room? I want to show that EVERYONE can visualize. Give yourself freedom to explore. Now sense, feel, and imagine the perfect jump shot…
This is a simple yet powerful technique, to learn more in depth techniques. Email or Contact me I would love to hear from you.

“For me, winning isn’t something that just happens on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream.” Emmit smith

“Imagination has a great deal to do with winning.” Mike Krzyzewski

‘’I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.” — Michael Jordan